About the repair and maintenance


About the repair and maintenance of the coil

In Uchino Ltd., we cooperates with customer to decrease the problems of product. If the troubles of an abnormal earth fault and the water leak, etc. are caused in the coil that the customer uses, it repairs promptly.

Correspondence of repair and maintenance

1.Accepting service nationwide.
Accepting service nationwide.
※The charter fare is separately.
2.The product of our company.
The repair will correspond for devices
other than the product of our company.
3.Ceramic sleeve type.
It corresponds to the ceramic sleeve type.

Production manual

Arrival of product ⇒  Check ⇒  Report ⇒  Resolution ⇒  The caster's dismantlement ⇒  Trying reeling of mending and insulating tape of copper pipe ⇒  The caster's construction ⇒  The caster's dryness ⇒  Re-assembly ⇒  Washing with medicine, Hydraulic pressure test, Externals cleaning ⇒  Shipment

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