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  • 2012.09.01

    The homepage was renewed.
  • 2012.08.01

    The highly effective inducement heating device exceeded 1000 deliveries.
  • 2012.04.01

    【 UCHINO Thailand factory 】 overseas branch is now open
  • 2010.10.01

    We was elected in Osaka monozukuri top-rated company award 2010 as Special Prize. 賢者の選択

About Uchino

  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • ISO 14001 Certified

In UCHINO Ltd., It belongs to various organizations to works on the development of the industry in sincerity and also certified ISO to maintained world standards of "Quality improvement and safe environment"

Machine for tax reduction

Our new, highly effective inducement heating furnace is a machine according to the large contribution to environmental preservation for the tax reduction.

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About the repair maintenance

We also accepts the repair of UCHINO's product and coil repair and maintenance other company's product

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New release information

New highly effective
inducement heating device
USH-HI series

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New highly effective inducement heating device

It specialized in the heating of the billet highly effective, and the induction heating system in a low pass line was developed more compactly.

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