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New highly effective inducement heating device

It specialized in the heating of the billet highly effective, and the induction heating furnace in a low pass line was developed more compactly.

New highly effective inducement heating device

New highly effective inducement heating device USH-HI-1UB(SP)(750KW)


  • IGBT of a new element (highly effective and large capacity) is used.
  • It is possible easily to transport, and to install it on foreign countries because it is compacter.
  • A workers education will be easy because It is not difficult to operate compare to conventional model.
  • The heating situation check by the worker is easy according to a low pass line.
  • The billet supply by the worker or either the billet with the material supply device can be chosen.
  • It is more low-priced than the old model due to standard type.
  • It is a green tax cuts on capital investments object machine.(electric industrial furnace inducement heating furnace)
    1. It is a power-supply unit of the semiconductor inverter type in the power-supply unit for heating (The switching speed limits is at ten micro following of the second by the one to use the semiconductor switching element). 【Two micro second or less】
    2. The one to control electric power (Limit it to the one whose ratio of the rated power to the ratings input electric power is 90% or more). 【97% or more】
  • Because power factor is better than conventional models, the installation of the power factor improvement capacitor (It is necessary besides the main body of the device) is unnecessary.


  450KW 750KW 1000KW 1500KW
The maximum throughput 1330kg/hr. 2200kg/hr. 2950kg/hr. 4450kg/hr.
Heating temperature 1250℃ ± 25℃
Voltage 380V 290V/290V or 580V
Frequency 50Hz ~ 60Hz
source resultant pulse three phases three phases×2(12 pulse )or three phases
KVA 500KVA 830KVA 1100KVA 1650KVA
Sending mechanism Pinch roller or Pusher
Required cooling water 450L/min. 750L/min. 1000L/min. 1500L/min.

※ However, 200V is about several KVA separately necessary for the control source.

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